Subway & CCD

Making junk healthy!
Health is wealth! Has been rightly said!
Freshly baked breads that are baked at our own outlet, is the major attraction for the customers. Along with a variety of fresh veggies, delicious finish and nutrition studded subs and snacks we craft a whole lot of drinks to full fill your thirst.
Grab a snack or a meal at our outlet in the campus, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. CGC has turn out to be healthier, tastier and more nutritious with the introduction of “Subway”. This fully air-conditioned outlet can easily accommodate over 50 people.
And what’s more? A different Sub each day of the week awaits you- EVERYDAY! So, enjoy your favorite flavorful snack with a bunch of friends!

Cafe Coffee Day (Popularly known among students as CCD)

Brewing dreams!
Summer? Winter? Autumn? Spring?
A drink that’ll always be on by side; in the morning before a chemistry class, in the night before you sit down to study for an exam is a cup of hot brewing coffee. We understand the need of coffee as the favorite beverage of a student’s life and so, we bring forth an association with India’s most preferred coffee brand – Cafe Coffee Day